Looking back at the tragedy of the Aceh tsunami disaster at the tsunami museum


TRAVELNESIA – Perhaps still remembered in your mind a devastating disaster that devastated Banda Aceh in 2006 ago. Yes, the Tsunami with its dashyatnya has shaken the province of Aceh and West Sumatra. Not only Banda Aceh was hit by the devastating Tsunami, other countries in the Indian Ocean region were also affected. To commemorate the Tsunami, it was built in a museum in Banda Aceh called the Tsunami Museum. The museum was officially opened at the end of February 2009 then. The building of this museum is unique, the design of this building is selected through the audition which finally won by Mr. M. Ridwal Kamil, who is a lecturer of ITB.


The construction of the museum spends a considerable amount of about Rp 140 billion, therefore it is no wonder if this museum is very grand. Tsunami Museum Architecture Style is very unique and claimed as anti-tsunami building. The Museum’s foundation is a combination of a raised stage building up the hill. If we see this Museum from the top of the shape of this Museum resembles the wave form of a rotating Tsunami. However, if looking from below or next to this museum will look like a very large cruise ship. As you enter the Tsunami Museum through the main entrance you will be greeted with dark alleys with water effects falling from the top, as if you are in a Tsunami wave. After that you will arrive at the exhibition hall. This exhibition space is dominated by dark colors. In this room you can see the photos after the Tsunami incident.



There is also God’s Light Room, here you can test yourself against the Tsunami waves against the waves, and if you succeed you will go to the Bridge of Hope, this bridge as if it will help you towards the high place to get away from the Tsunami. In this place you can also see a documentary film about the tsunami that lasted about 15 minutes. So, take your time to visit this Museum, because in addition to traveling you can also get education about how to prepare for the Tsunami danger.


Access transport


Because it is located in the middle of the city of Tsunami Museum is easy to find, this museum is located at Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda, Banda Aceh. You can use private vehicles to this Museum, or use public transportation such as angkot or called labi-labi, bentor or taxi.


If you use a private vehicle from Sulaeman Street, turn left at Jalan Nyak Adam Kamil 5, turn left again towards Sultan Iskandar Muda Street, follow this path to find Tsunami Museum which is right on the roadside. If you use Labi-Labi (angkot) you can use the number 05 labi-labi majors Punge-Ulee Lheu Terminal. You can find labi-labi, at the base located at Keudah Terminal near Baiturrahman. The rate is around Rp 4,000 per person


If you use Bentor or becak montor you have to pay tariff around Rp 15.000 to Rp 20.000 per pedicab.


Opening hours hours Monday to Thursday at 09:00 to 12:00 pm and reopen 14:00 to 16:30 pm. Jumâ € ™ s Holiday, Saturday and Sunday at 09.00-12.00 WIB and reopen 14.00-16.30 WIB. Ticket is free


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