Geopark Ciletuh, Cool Place of Interest In Sukabumi, West Java

TRAVELNESIA – Talking about the choice of tourist detention, then a name should try. Geopark Ciletuh that’s the name, Geopark Ciletuh area is a geological park that has natural beauty in the form of natural scenery and old rocks that have experienced weathering since millions of years ago, even to the bedrock of the earth that appears surface. Ciletuh Geopark is one of the interesting tourist attraction in Kecamatan Ciemas, Sukabumi, West Java.


This natural tourism area has been certified as a national geopark of the Indonesian National Committee for Unesco and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. The concept of Geopark or earth park is an integrated area with a significant geological heritage in the world. In this earth park, geological heritage sites are becoming the area of ​​the holistic concept of protection, education and sustainable development.


The landscape in Ciletuh Bay is indeed interesting. The stretched landscape resembles a gigantic amphitheater that looks like a horseshoe facing directly toward the Indian Ocean. Geopark Ciletuh is able to provide a variety of rides of extraordinary natural charm. When visiting this Geopark you will be exposed to the beauty of the world that you find hard in other locations in Indonesia. Rocks, mountains and beautiful landscaping from the sea to the waterfall are available completely in this Geopark Ciletuh.


Not only 1 or 2 waterfalls, but you can see and enjoy up to 10 spot gorgeous waterfalls nan stunning in this beautiful tourist location. In addition, you can also see the natural rocks that are the result of sedimentation of various fossils, fractures, and plates of earth tens of millions of years ago. Ideally it takes three to four days to explore Ciletuh Geopark. This is because the natural attractions that spread in some areas, difficult to reach in one day only. But if you may only have limited time, you can still visit some of the main locations in Geopark Ciletuh that can be reached within one day.


For example like Panenjoan, Palangpang Beach, Curug Cimarinjung, Curug Awang, Curug Sodong, and Puncak Darma. With the Geopark Ciletuh this can be a site and a site for the occurrence of large geological events that occurred in the past that caused the plates and rocks from the base of the earth lifted far tens of kilometers to the surface of the earth. Not only the natural scenery, but by visiting the Geopark Ciletuh area you will interact with the local residents and be treated to various traditional nuances from food to art performances typical of Sundanese that you rarely find.


Located in Ciletuh, Sukabumi for those of you who want to visit it can contact first PAPSI as a manager who can help you explore this Geopark well, because for now the new available in the form of tour packages, so with the package you can get interesting facilities ranging from 4 wheel transportation to explore the Geopark area and is included by eating also homestay in people’s homes.


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