The Beauty of Pasir Putih Pantai Pagatan in Banjarmasin

TRAVELNESIA – For those of you who live in Banjarmasin, definitely no stranger to the beach pagatan. Beach pagatan is one of the beaches located in Kalimantan, precisely in the subdistrict Kusam Hilir Tanah Bambu district.

This beach is not less special with other beaches, Pagatan has a small wave, panorama of the beautiful blue sea, coconut trees and the breeze of the beach breeze. This beach also has a typical ritual fisherman event of bugis descent which is usually called by Maccera tation or often also called a sea party.
The ocean party at the beach was held in April. The sea party is an expression of gratitude from the abundant seafood, and ask for protection as long as the fishermen go to sea. This ceremony includes anchoring the offerings that have been previously read a kind of mantra to the middle of the sea.

Usually this event is also on the rise with the attraction of traditional music and dances. At the peak event will be enlivened by ships fishing jewelers to the middle of the sea. In addition, for almost three weeks, the city of Pagatan every afternoon and night since it opened until the closing of the customary festival of fishermen there is a night market.

White sand beach and blue sea, not only in Bali. Please come to Pagatan Beach in Tanah Bumbu, South Kalimantan. There, the sun rises amazingly!
Pagatan beach is located not far from Syamsudin Noor Airport, approximately 285 km. The beauty of the beach can be seen directly when we walk from the direction of Banjarmasin to Kotabaru, because this beach is located beside the main road Trans Kalimantan.

The beauty clearly evoked especially during the morning, the morning sun tinge painted gold ink in the sky. In the afternoon even this area looks crowded by young couples who want to enjoy the beach breeze and the sound of the waves are calm.
Increasing number of beach visitors, making managers begin to clean up. Currently, there are improvements, such as building siring, setting stalls, shelters, camping ground, and fishing rods.


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