Rice terraces Ubud, Bali

TRAVELNESIA – Rice Terraces Ubud Vacation to Bali, certainly would be fun and many people who like. One of the must-visit tourist attractions in Bali is Ubud tourist attractions. In Ubud tourist attraction, many things you can do. The favorite of tourists is when the tour to Ubud is to see rice terraces Ubud.



Save Beautiful Scenery of Green Paddy field.


Want to see the beautiful green rice field scenery? Rice fields Ubud Tegalalang, one of the places you should visit while on holiday in Bali. The island of Bali, many have rice fields, but not all areas in Bali, has terraced rice fields. To see the terraced rice fields in Bali that have nice scenery, there are in some places. Namely Jatiluwih Tabanan, Pupuan Tabanan, Antosari (Soka beach), Busung Biu Buleleng, Tirta Gangga Karangasem and Tegalalang Ubud.


Favorite Tourist Objects.


At this time, you must ask in Ubud which side, to see the terraced rice terraces? Its location is named Tegalalang village. Located north of Ubud. Tegalalang Ubud is very popular among tourists and a favorite tourist object. Because of its location is very close to other attractions in Bali, such as Goa Gajah, Tampak Siring and Kintamani.


On the roadside in the village of Tegalalang Ubud, you will see a stall, a restaurant that offers views of rice terraces Ubud. The view of Ubud’s terraced rice fields is not as extensive as those in Jatiluwih. But offers the most unique view, because the slope is very sloping. To enjoy the scenery of rice terraces comfortably.


You just need to buy food or drink at one of the food stalls overlooking Ubud’s terraced scenery.


The beauty of Tanjung Benoa Beach, Bali which is worldwide

TRAVELNESIA – Bali never runs out of charm. Visiting Bali, you will need a long time to live and enjoy every inch of its beauty. Hearing the word Bali, maybe that comes to mind you are Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach or Legian Beach.


What about Tanjung Benoa Beach? Tanjung Benoa Beach is actually no less popular than the three beaches. Tourist attractions located on the southern side of Bali Island has a uniqueness with a narrow beach ends. However, of course this does not reduce the beauty of this beach located in Bali.


The beach is located about 15 km from Ngurah Rai International Airport and is about 40 minutes drive from Denpasar. Tanjung Benoa Beach has not so big waves, so it is ideal for water activities such as parasailing, jet skiing, snorkeling and some other activities. In addition, for those of you who come with children no need to worry, playing sand on the beach is also a safe and fun activities. Like some other beaches in Bali, Tanjung Benoa Beach was once a fishing village and a trading port for Chinese merchants. In the 1980s, this beach began to be developed into a tourist attraction because it realized the potential of tourism is quite large.


With a stretch of white sand and natural beauty under the sea, Tanjung Benoa Beach is believed to be a favorite tourist attraction. Pratama Road which is the main road in the region becomes the most crowded streets. Along Jalan Pratama there is a row of inns, restaurants, souvenir shops and art galleries. For culinary problems, you need not worry. Here there are many food stalls at affordable prices up to a classy restaurant that equally delivers delicious seafood specialties.


What is interesting from Tanjung Benoa Beach?


This tourist attraction not only offers a beach panorama only, there are still places of interest that you must visit as follows:


1. The fishing village.


Developed into one of the mainstay tourist attractions in Bali does not mean the area of ​​Tanjung Benoa just off its history. Here, you can still visit the local fishing village located on the northern edge of this peninsula. Initially, most residents here are working as fishermen, until then the area of ​​Tanjung Benoa began to be developed into a tourist attraction.


Some residents switched professions by opening a business in tourism. Here, you can also visit Pakraman Village Market which is a traditional local market. In this market, fishermen sell their fresh catch fish with a more affordable price than buying it at the nearest supermarket.


2. Turtle Island.


Do not forget to visit Turtle Island which is a turtle conservation area in Tanjung Benoa. From the beach, you need to sail about 30 minutes by boat to reach Turtle Island. Boats used for sailing is quite unique. The bottom of the boat is made of transparent glass. This can make it easier for you to see the beauty of nature under the sea in the waters of Tanjung Benoa. Arriving at Turtle Island, you can see turtles ranging from still-shaped eggs, hatchling to adult turtles. Not only that, you can also buy turtle-themed souvenirs such as key chains, t-shirts and hats.


3. Night market.


Want to enjoy the different night atmosphere in Bali apart from bars and night pubs? Just come to night market located in Jalan Pratama. Here, you can enjoy a variety of typical Balinese cuisine with distinctive Balinese nuance. Please enjoy the typical hawker and brewed coffee accompanied by Balinese art performances. Do not forget to taste typical Balinese wine made using traditional recipes and ways that are still preserved to date.


4. Religious sites.


Besides known for its natural beauty, Bali is also popular with its thick culture. Here there is Beji Park and Caow Eng Bio Temple. Pura Taman Beji is one of the oldest Hindu temples in Tanjung Benoa area. This temple was used only by the royal family alone. In addition to the temple architecture, you also can still enjoy the beauty of the sea from here. Because of its function as a place of worship, you are not allowed to enter the temple if dressing less polite. Caow Eng Bio pagoda is the oldest temple in Tanjung Benoa and still works today. This pagoda reaches the peak of its hustle every celebration of Imlek and Waisak day.