Best of Karon, Thailand Tourism

TRAVELNESIA – Karon is the second largest of Phuket’s tourist beaches at 3 km length. It is 8 km south of Patong on Rte 4233 and 20 km from Phuket town.

Few, if any, hotels have direct beach frontage. Most are across the road (which usually is not a busy one). The entire beach is public (as are all beaches in Thailand). Large resort complexes line the opposite side of the road from the shoreline, but the long, broad beach itself has no development. The sand is very white, and squeaks audibly when walked upon. The southern point has a fine coral reef stretching toward Kata and Bu Island. Also, there is a wide pedestrian / bicycle path on the beach side of the road running the length of the beach.

Most restaurants, bars, tour companies and other non-hotel businesses are at the north central end, near the traffic circle, or near the south end, on Bangla Rd (not that Bangla Rd!) connecting the back road with the beach road. Nightlife is pretty much confined to dining and a few beer bars.

The northern third of Karon Beach is essentially undeveloped and flanked by Nong Harn Lake which is the largest beach side park in Phuket offering a nice exercise/jogging/cycling path. North Karon also offers white beach and clear water with no crowds.

At the south end of Karon, a narrow road between Kata and Karon has a number of small businesses.

There is a regular daytime bus service to and from Phuket Town.


The beauty of Maldives Island, Maladewa

TRAVELNESIA – A small country that looks like paradise, the Maldives is located in the South Asian region adjacent to the country of Sri Lanka. The potential of tourism in the Maldives is more dominated by marine tourism but unlike the beaches in general, here you can see underwater scenery with the naked eye because the water is very clear.


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The beauty of Maldives makes this country as a honeymoon destination for all brides in the world. Some activities that are very identical to Maldives Island are snorkeling, diving and enjoying the surrounding scenery. Another uniqueness that exists in this place is a resort built on the sea water is certainly not dangerous because it has been carefully calculated about the current wave when tide.


The waves in the Maldives are quite calm and the place consists of 26 coral islands is a quiet and very beautiful place. For those of you who want to do dinner under the sea then you can try it at Condrad Underwater Restaurant, this place is never quiet enthusiasts even you have to make a reservation a month before coming to this place. To get to Maldives Island it takes about 4 to 7 hours, this long time because the flight you pass through must transit first in Colombo, Sri Lanka or in Singapore.