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INDONESIA TRAVEL – Since 2008, Taman Balekambang has been officially opened into the city forest of Surakarta residents. Visiting the complex of more than five hectares, we can enjoy the atmosphere is really different. Twelve hundred-year-old trees become natural shelter for everyone. So no wonder now, almost every day, tens to hundreds of children enliven the atmosphere.

When the holidays arrive, do not ask how busy it is. Small monkeys, deer and goose monkeys are an additional entertainment object for children, as well as the parents and families that accompany it. Train horses, paddle boats and cars that can be climbed four people are available to complement the city tour facilities.

Not only for children, teenagers and adults would be fascinated if you visit it. No less, many brides make a number of angles Taman Balekambang as an attractive spot for pre-wedding photoshoot, so that the invitation card does not seem monotonous and ‘crisp’.

For those who do not want to miss surfing in cyberspace, no need to worry. There is a free Internet connection there, which is provided by the Government of Surakarta. Two towers are installed to transmit the need for an Internet connection for you. Fast-slow is relative, depending on the number of visitors who take advantage of free access.


Balekambang, supposedly derived from a combination of Balé (Balw) and Kambang (floating), refers to the existence of a hall above a small lake in the past. So simple is the Javanese in making the new term, in a very practical way, which is essential for easy pronunciation, and easy to remember. Because the floating hall that lies between large trees nan shady, then refined it into the park.

Balekambang Park was built by KGPAA Mangkunagara VII in 1921. The park was then named Partini Tuin, a name to immortalize his beloved daughter named Partini. Not only to mingle during the day, there also becomes a public space in the real sense. A variety of traditional arts, including dances and often held there, and ketoprak performances held routine every night.

For those of you who want to travel there, it is advisable to bring food / beverage supplies as needed. And please remember, do not like to throw garbage indiscriminately, let Park Balekambang still beautiful and clean, so the park remains sustainable, so it can be a recharge area, so the water is not increasingly rare from the city of Surakarta.

Taman Balekambang, exactly located on the north side of Manahan Stadium, not far from Tirtonadi Bus Terminal, even the Racing Station. Public transport access is not available to get there. From Tirtonadi, you can reach it by rickshaw with a cost of about Rp 10 thousand, or Rp 15 thousand from the Station Racing.


Geopark Ciletuh, Cool Place of Interest In Sukabumi, West Java

TRAVELNESIA – Talking about the choice of tourist detention, then a name should try. Geopark Ciletuh that’s the name, Geopark Ciletuh area is a geological park that has natural beauty in the form of natural scenery and old rocks that have experienced weathering since millions of years ago, even to the bedrock of the earth that appears surface. Ciletuh Geopark is one of the interesting tourist attraction in Kecamatan Ciemas, Sukabumi, West Java.


This natural tourism area has been certified as a national geopark of the Indonesian National Committee for Unesco and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. The concept of Geopark or earth park is an integrated area with a significant geological heritage in the world. In this earth park, geological heritage sites are becoming the area of ​​the holistic concept of protection, education and sustainable development.


The landscape in Ciletuh Bay is indeed interesting. The stretched landscape resembles a gigantic amphitheater that looks like a horseshoe facing directly toward the Indian Ocean. Geopark Ciletuh is able to provide a variety of rides of extraordinary natural charm. When visiting this Geopark you will be exposed to the beauty of the world that you find hard in other locations in Indonesia. Rocks, mountains and beautiful landscaping from the sea to the waterfall are available completely in this Geopark Ciletuh.


Not only 1 or 2 waterfalls, but you can see and enjoy up to 10 spot gorgeous waterfalls nan stunning in this beautiful tourist location. In addition, you can also see the natural rocks that are the result of sedimentation of various fossils, fractures, and plates of earth tens of millions of years ago. Ideally it takes three to four days to explore Ciletuh Geopark. This is because the natural attractions that spread in some areas, difficult to reach in one day only. But if you may only have limited time, you can still visit some of the main locations in Geopark Ciletuh that can be reached within one day.


For example like Panenjoan, Palangpang Beach, Curug Cimarinjung, Curug Awang, Curug Sodong, and Puncak Darma. With the Geopark Ciletuh this can be a site and a site for the occurrence of large geological events that occurred in the past that caused the plates and rocks from the base of the earth lifted far tens of kilometers to the surface of the earth. Not only the natural scenery, but by visiting the Geopark Ciletuh area you will interact with the local residents and be treated to various traditional nuances from food to art performances typical of Sundanese that you rarely find.


Located in Ciletuh, Sukabumi for those of you who want to visit it can contact first PAPSI as a manager who can help you explore this Geopark well, because for now the new available in the form of tour packages, so with the package you can get interesting facilities ranging from 4 wheel transportation to explore the Geopark area and is included by eating also homestay in people’s homes.


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Tourism Object Mount Bromo Beautiful Place In East Java

TRAVELNESIA – Who does not know the beauty of tourist attractions in East Java this one. Mount Bromo is an active volcano located on the border of Lumajang, Malang, Pasuruan and Probolinggo districts. The mountain that has a height of 2392 m above sea level is very fascinating for anyone who comes to visit it, supported by several tourist attractions around it make this mountain as a unique and cool sights.


Bromo Mountain itself is much spelled out by many people as Iconnya East Java, is physically this mountain is not as big as other mountains in East Java, such as Mount Semeru, Mount Argopuro, Mount Arjuno and other mountains, but its beautiful charm has echoed not only in Indonesia even to foreign countries.


Tourism destination in Mount Bromo most of the mountain nature, there are some tourist attractions that will make you fascinated with the natural beauty of Bromo, usually the tourists who come to travel to Mount Bromo will start their tour in the early evening at around 03:00 pm with using means of transportation Jeep Hardtop or Motor.


Why is that? because if you start the tour at those hours, you will be able to see the beauty of Sun Rise from the top of the hill. As for places and activities that can be done in tourist attractions in East Java is as follows:


1. View Point.

Gambar Gunung Bromo

As we have previously seen that View Point is a place that can be used to see the view of Mount Bromo from a height, but tourists can also see the sun rising in the morning. There are several places you can visit the Pananjakan, Seruni Point, Bukit Cinta, Bukit Kingkong and Peak B29 Bromo.


2. Crater of Mount Bromo.

Kawah Bromo

Mount Bromo Crater is the second destination that is usually visited by tourists who go to Mount Bromo, the crater that has a diameter of 800 meters is very unique, to be able to visit the crater of Mount Bromo tourists usually do it by horse or walking, and then followed by climbing the ladder with the child the stairs number 250. the view at the top of the crater of Bromo is indeed very beautiful, with dihiasai views of tengger mountains and mount Batok that form the steep lines that are beside the crater of Mount Bromo.


3. Padang Savana (Bukit Teletubbies).

Bukit Teletubbies Padang savana Bromo

Padang savanna is a vast expanse of grass with an area of ​​about 10 Km square, this place is also called Teletubbies hill, cool and cool sauce you will feel when visiting this place, the location of this tour is in the southern crater of Mount Bromo, precisely in the region jemplang. You will find the uniqueness of Mount Bromo when visiting this place.


4. Sea of ​​Sand (Sand Whisper).

Padang Pasir berbisik-Bromo

This one place is also a favorite place for tourists who visit Mount Bromo, the expanse of sand that stretches to form a beautiful painting lines – lines. You will be able to feel a whisper when you close your ears near the sand. this place has also been used as a location shooting Pasir Berbisik film starring Dian Sastrowardoyo.


Similarly reviews on cool tours and the world tour of Mount Bromo, East Java. So, is not interested to travel to Indonesia?


Prambanan temple is the largest Hindi cultural heritage in Indonesia, Prambanan temple has its own beauty charm because besides its stunning layout Prambanan Temple also keeps the history and legend story very interesting and unique with the background of romance story therefore Prambanan Temple worth the visit tourists Prambanan temple is located right on the edge of the road about 17 km from Yogyakarta to Solo, for that Prambanan Temple is a mainstay attractions. Because the location is very strategic and easy to reach by private vehicles and public transportation.
Prambanan Temple is a complex because in this region not only there is one temple, but the three temples with the main building of Prambanan Temple which was built in the 9th century AD with beautiful architecture and has a height of about 47 meters. The three buildings represent the Trimurti, the doctrine of the three main deities consisting of the Shiva Temple (God of Smelters) in the middle, Brahma Temple (God of Guard) is in the south and Wisnu Temple (God the Creator) is in the north.
While in front there are three small temples that symbolize the rides or vehicles of the gods, namely: Temple Nandi (Buffalo) which is a vehicle for Lord Shiva, Candi Angsa vehicle for God Brahma and Garuda Temple which is the symbol of vehicle Vishnu. In addition to easy to reach, relatively cheap ticket prices, there is also a museum with audio visuals that play movies about the discovery of Prambanan Temple, archaeological objects and jewelry of the ancient King of Mataram.
Access transport Prambanan temple is located right on the edge of the road about 17 km from Yogyakarta to Solo, for that Prambanan Temple is a mainstay attractions. Because of its location which is very strategic and easy to reach by private vehicle or public transportation like Bus TransJogja by choosing path 1A or 1B. Around the temple there is a mini train that can be used to surround the area of ​​Prambanan temple.
Ticket fee fee Ticket of Rp. 30000 for local tourists and $ 18 for foreign tourists.
Contact contact info Website: http://www.borobudurpark.com/