A must-visit tour in Tana Toraja

TRAVELNESIA – This destination is very interesting to visit, the culture is still thick to make its own magnet for the tourists both coming from within and abroad. indeed for those who just visited Tana Toraja mystical impression is felt, but behind it all the natural scenery in Tana Toraja will make you hypnotized and want to linger – long enjoy it.

Tanah Toraja

Geographically Tana Toraja is a district located in the province of North Sulawesi, and the capital of Tana Toraja is in Makale. Toraja people themselves still hold firm beliefs and lifestyles that are very similar to the culture in Nias, which makes Tana Toraja become one of the world cultural heritage sites registered in UNESCO. Tana Toraja community itself holds many traditional ceremonies in which presents a variety of dances and attractions are very interesting, and for you art lovers certainly not menyianyiakan opportunity. besides that here also there is a very unique custom house which only exist in Tana Toraja.


Activities Can Do in Tana Toraja

Kuburan Tana Toraja

Here you can walk to Lemo, Londa and Allo’s, where in the area you can see a very unique cemetery that is very famous even in the international world. The cemetery is a cave – the cave is located on the rocky walls and the caves – the caves are filled with coffins and human bones, it’s we think sometimes weird, but that’s the uniqueness of the culture of the community around this tourist attraction in South Sulawesi.


If you visit Tana Toraja in June, July, or December, you can see the butchers performing dozens of pigs and buffaloes colossal. And you can also see how the uniqueness and the sakralnya culture or customs of Tana Toraja. Buffalo and pig itself is an animal sacrificed for the death ceremony in this place. According to the beliefs of the Toraja community these animals are a means of transportation to the puya for the dead human spirits. In Tana Toraja there is a traditional ceremony to catch the dead by holding a party and slaughtering dozens of buffaloes and pigs.


This ceremony is familiar with the traditional ceremony of Rambu Solo ‘death. This party is usually held for one night or even up to seven nights depending on social status in Toraja society tradition. Besides, if you want to see a typical residence or home of Toraja people Tongkonan beautifully decorated and equipped with rice barn, you can visit Ke’te Kesu Village. Here there are many rows of Tongkonan whose roof is similar to a saddle. The roof of a typical Toraja community house made of bamboo split and arranged piled up. but over the development of the roof era of a typical house Tana Toraja people use a lot of zinc as a material maker.


Tongkonan itself has a different type – different that adapted to the degree of nobility of the owner. then on the walls are decorated with abstract patterns and geometrically white, red and black natural. in Ke’te Kesu also you can meet bamboo carving craftsmen and various other traditional crafts. Then when you visit the Lemo area, you can see the grave that lies hanging on the wall which is a special grave for the nobles.


This area is called Lemo because in this place there is a stone cave that size is very large and round-shaped, the shape is similar to the citrus fruit and in the burrows to form spots as well as citrus fruits. Here also there is a customary grave chairman named Songgi Patalo who was about 500 years old. Then when you continue your visit to Suaya, you will find the tomb of the royal family, then near Sangala you will find a baby tree grave.


According to Toraja people’s own belief when there are babies or children who die then it should be buried in the tree, and the tree will grow around. In addition, when you visit Palawa, you will find a typical Toraja weaving craft center, which also includes Tongkonan and burial areas, ceremonies and festivals that are usually used by the people around this tourist spot in South Sulawesi.


Not only that, your visit can be continued to Batu Tumonga yag located on the slopes of Mount Sesean which is about 25 kilometers from Rantepao. Here you can see the natural beauty of rice fields are shaped terraces and there are many rocks.


The beauty of white sand and blue sea water Beach Tanjung Bira, Bulukumba

TRAVELNESIA – Sulawesi is known as an island rich in natural and cultural potential. Because it is close to the other country, Sulawesi also has a mixture of adat and language. In addition sulawesi is an island located quite far from the center of the capital and close to the island of Papua. However sulawesi is much more modern and also advanced. Development there is no less rapid with the one on the island of Java.


Although not yet uniform, but sulawesi is considered much more modern than the island of Borneo and Papua. One of them is south sulawesi, here it turns out there are hidden sights that you can visit if you stop by to this province. This tour is called cape bira or cape bire.




The beauty of Tanjung Bira beach.


Tanjung bira is located in South Sulawesi area. Its special location is Bulukumba Regency which is very far distance, about 200 km from center of capital of Makassar. So the cape bira can dikaktakan located at the southern tip of mainland south sulawesi. Tanjung bira can indeed be said to be a weapon by the surrounding community to attract outsiders and tourists both local and foreign to come there.


Tanjung Bira certainly offers things like white beaches, underwater nature and also the twilight scenery that is second to none. In addition, you who may want a view of the sky that is not blocked anything and spread wide, can also make cape bira become a destination that must be included into your tour list. Tanjung bira Beach also offers sunrise and sunset that are instantly seen and sunk into the ocean. Because the sea on the cape is a sea of ​​freelance.


This beauty will not be found elsewhere, especially in other parts of Indonesia. The main characteristic of the other cape bira has a very fine sand beach, even so small that it feels like flour. Many of the seas and beaches of course do not have this characteristic. While cape bira of course have it. In addition the sea on the cape bira has 3 layers of color that looks beautiful in the distance.


The beach is clean and also comfortable not seramai in Bali or Lombok, so it can be a place that really calm. In addition to the beach cape bira you can visit other tours such as goat island and island liukang. Many like snorkeling and diving by choosing this area because the underwater biota is very beautiful compared to other places. To rent a boat around the island you can get a price of 300 thousand per boat that can be filled some people.


Next you can go berziara to the grave spreader of Islam in sulawesi namely Dato Ri Tiro. Of course this tour can add spiritual wealth and tourism so that more colorful. The last tour is of course cultural tourism as well as history. As it is known that the sulawesi region is famous for woodworkers as well as phinisi boats. Here you can find the phinisi made by the craftsmen. Even the ship that has existed since the ancestors is famous to foreign countries.


Access and transportation.


To go to the beach or cape bira you can travel by starting from Bulukumba which is about 40 km or 200 km from Makassar. If you come from sulawesi then of course you will start from Makassar. After that you can use public transportation travel from Makassar to Bulukumba with cost 40.000 per person. Because the location is quite far then the price is equivalent. If you have arrived at Bulukumba, your trip can use a mikrolet or called pete-pete and head to cape bira. The fee charged is only 15,000 / person only.